“Stop searching, stop plucking and go see Ghitta” — Barb, Fitzroy

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Over the last 12 years I have tried so many electrologists, and not one but Ghitta (my current electrolygist) has made any improvements for me. This woman is amazing, not only in her skill but also her attitude, she never plucks hair, she may zap it 3\4 times before removing if it is a stubborn one. My hairs are now only blonde, so it may be difficult for her at times but she never says/complains. Her perseverance and attitude is as good as her skill level, which is A++++.Read more
— hairtell.com review by Dee-oz, Melbourne (Update)
I find Ghitta truly brilliant – not only her actual work but her commitment and caring. She will keep trying until she gets it and will not pluck. If the hair does not come out easily after the first zap, she will go back again and again until it does (no plucking happening here). Her attitude is brilliant, she is very persistent, which I love…Ghitta always asks what bothers me most and works on that. Read more
— hairtell.com review by Dee-oz, Melbourne
Ghitta is a world class professional electrologist who has an amazing technique and has dedicated her life to perfecting her art. The attention she pays to her work and hygiene is immaculate. Prior to any electrolysis I had various laser and IPL sessions for approximately 4 years.Read more
— womo.com.au review by Hairyc, Melbourne
After years of mostly unsuccessful electrolysis – Ghitta has solved my facial hair problem in a few visits. Exceptional results at a reasonable cost.
— womo.com.au review by Georginam3, South Kingsville
Electrolysis used to be torture, no matter where you had it done. But with Ghitta’s new Apilus machine it’s 80% less painful and the hairs are still zapped forever.
— Bronwyn, Southbank
I would, and have, recommended Ghitta to anyone with an excess hair problem. After years of struggling with excess facial hair, I found the solution with my beauty angel Ghitta. Everyone who I have recommended it to, have been extremely happy with the results.
— Dimitra, Keilor
Ghitta is a miracle worker. Although I was nervous at first her experienced and calming manner soon put me at ease and the results speak for themselves. She is the best at what she does and I would never go to anyone else.
— Nicole, Fairfield
I want to stress to all the scaredy cats like me out there that they should go to Ghitta. It’s a double act really: first Ghitta is a stunning operator with great technique and many years experience and the new wonder machine, what more can I say, I cannot recommend her highly enough.Read more
— Barb, Fitzroy
I wasn’t too sure if electrolysis would hurt. I heard that it did but this has not been my experience and I think this is because Ghitta’s equipment is top of the range. Only top quality service by Ghitta!Read more
— Helen