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Ghitta Zeynoun


Melbourne Hair Removal Centre (MHRC) specialises in electrolysis, other hair removal techniques and beauty treatments for women. Using the latest tools and methods it provides fast, almost pain free and – with electrolysis – permanent hair removal.

When it comes to hair removal and beauty treatment, every lady wants to feel special. By providing personalised care specifically for you through its various hair removal and beauty treatment services, MHRC delivers.

Operating for over 20 years now, MHRC has built long lasting relationships with its clients. The centre has over 95 per cent repeat business from its clients over a one year period and this fact testifies to the quality of service provided by MHRC and the satisfaction that each client feels. It is also an amazing testimony of the work of proprietor Ghitta Zeynoun.

Ghitta has an advanced specialisation degree in Electrolysis and Beauty Therapy from Victoria University. She has, singlehandedly, been – and still is – the powerhouse behind the success of Melbourne Hair Removal Centre.

I want to ensure that each and every client is individually satisfied with her course of hair removal and beauty treatment; a client’s satisfaction is my satisfaction.

Her statement typifies the vision of Melbourne Hair Removal Centre, which is to provide personalized hair removal and beauty treatment to clients resulting in long lasting client relationships.

This personalised service, with Ghitta as the sole electrolygist-beauty therapist, is what places Melbourne Hair Removal Centre a cut above the competition. Other beauty businesses typically have many different technicians working with one client, resulting in a non-personal and potentially unsatisfactory experience.

My number one concern is always the client. Why they’ve come to see, me, how I can help them, if they’re comfortable with the treatment I’m providing for them and particularly how they are after the treatment. Client follow-up and their feedback is just as important as the treatment or service I provide.

My other constant priority is hygiene. Disposable materials, be that gloves, needles are a key factor in my clients feeling safe and knowing that they are in professional hands.

This is reflected in the number of referrals I get with generations of family members – grandmothers, mothers and their daughter – coming to see me due to word of mouth recommendation. I also have a number of clients who travel from other countries to see me having had friends refer them to me.

Contact us now if you have a question for her or would like to book a treatment or free consultation.

Over the last 12 years I have tried so many electrologists, and not one but Ghitta (my current electrolygist) has made any improvements for me. This woman is amazing, not only in her skill but also her attitude, she never plucks hair, she may zap it 3\4 times before removing if it is a stubborn one. My hairs are now only blonde, so it may be difficult for her at times but she never says/complains. Her perseverance and attitude is as good as her skill level, which is A++++.Read more
— hairtell.com review by Dee-oz, Melbourne (Update)
After years of mostly unsuccessful electrolysis – Ghitta has solved my facial hair problem in a few visits. Exceptional results at a reasonable cost.
— womo.com.au review by Georginam3, South Kingsville