is not laser hair removal
If laser hair removal didn't work for you, don't worry. We don't use it.
Melbourne Hair Removal Center
The Apilus
Platinum Pure
Electrolysis Machine
We use the best technology.
Melbourne Hair Removal Center – Apilus Platinum Pure 27MHz
Exclusively for women. Call 0407 333 252

My number one concern is always the client, why they’ve come to see me and how I can help them. This is reflected in the number of referrals I get from generations of family members and from clients traveling long distances for treatment. Contact me to talk about electrolysis and permanent hair removal. Hygiene is an important factor in my salon. We always follow strict protocols with cleanliness & sterilisation procedures.

— Ghitta Zeynoun, Owner

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Electrolysis used to be torture, no matter where you had it done. But with Ghitta’s new Apilus machine it’s 80% less painful and the hairs are still zapped forever.
— Bronwyn, Southbank
I would, and have, recommended Ghitta to anyone with an excess hair problem. After years of struggling with excess facial hair, I found the solution with my beauty angel Ghitta. Everyone who I have recommended it to, have been extremely happy with the results.
— Dimitra, Keilor